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base four squared

Conversion Table for binary, base4 and base42

The key concept in base42 is that base16 digits are constructed from base4 symbols. Once you learn the symbols and basic maths in base4 you can quickly reconstruct base16 numbers and their mental calculation tables. Base42 uses a unique set of glyphs and sounds so that it can coexist peacefully with the base10 representation in your head. Note: "base42" is used without sub/super scripts for more readable inline text.



<poll> So what do you think about base42? Clearly better, I'm going to learn it and tell my friends. Interesting, might mess with it a bit but won't tell anyone. Meh. You're crazy, hope you get help soon. </poll>



The wikipedia douglas adams "42" article has some interesting ideas about bases and the number 42.

If you came to this page after searching for information on hexadecimal, stick around and check things out. The converter program will convert real numbers (instead of just integers) to and from hexadecimal.